About Prime

Defined standards

By defining a uniform basic model, the prerequisites for a modular, integrated workflow are met.

Universal interfaces

Universal standards are defined on the basis of recognised standards, such as AdsML and IFRATRACK.

Simple production flow

these advantages benefit not only customers, but also manufacturers throughout the industry.

More cost-effective

Additional equipment, quality control modules, components for pre- and production process integration usually requires a huge effort.

Universal at the right places

Using its valuable knowledge of the ­industry, Prime Network has created and defined standards which will make the production flow simpler, faster and more cost-effective for all involved.

Workflow Model

By defining a uniform basic model, the preconditions for a modular, integrative workflow are met.

Technical Glossary

The creation of a glossary allows the standardized use of technical terms, ensuring that all manufacturers speak the same language.


Universal interfaces are defined on the basis of recognized standards like AdsML and IFRAtrack, allowing the simple integration, upgrading and exchange of individual workflow models.